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Base imagery courtesy of
Hurricane Irma Imagery Viewer

Welcome. This application displays before-and-after aerial imagery of locations affected by Hurricane Irma.

  • Use the search box in the upper-right corner to find an address or look up a business, neighborhood, or other place by name. The map will automatically zoom to and place a marker at that location.
  • "Before" imagery appears on the left side of the map divider, and "after" imagery appears on the right. Drag the divider left and right to compare the before and after views.
  • On touchscreen devices, pinch the screen to zoom the map. Otherwise, zoom the map by scrolling your mouse wheel or by clicking the +/- buttons in the upper-left corner.
Map Layers

This viewer aggregates data from a variety of sources, listed in the "Layers" panel on the right. Click the checkbox next to an individual layer to turn it on and off, or click the switch next to a provider's name to toggle all layers from that source. Click the top of the layer panel to collapse and expand the list.